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My Name is Arvanitis Gregory I work in the movie / audio-visual industry since 2003, first as an assistant in different departments and then slowly working my way to where I am now, as a color grader.

After more than forty feature films, many short films, advertising and more to my credit in numerous post-production houses, I think I have gained a great deal of experience in the DI workflow and more importantly as a color grader these past few years.

With a “Bachelor in Arts” (Paris / France), a “Foundation in Graphic Design” (London / UK), I turned myself to special effects and 3D animation to pursue my passion for cinema at the “University of Teesside” (Middlesbrough / UK) with a “BA in Computer Animation”.

My story as a color grader starts at “Graal SA” (Athens / Greece), where I was offered to work on "Baselight" for the first time in 2009. I took up the challenge successfully thinking it would be interesting for me to refine my understanding of the image. Today i mastered perfectly all these color grading softwares that are so essential for movies nowadays especially with the digital era.

I am driven by the desire to undertake ever more ambitious projects and to continually develop my skills.

On this website you can have an overview of some works that i have done since around 2009 till now as a color grader, I am trying to update it as much as I can but sometimes it’s hard depending on the production policy.


Please enjoy!!!

Workplaces So Far:

D.I. Colorist Freelance
(Present Day)

D.I. Colorist / D.I. Supervisor / Tech at "Lylo Post productions" (FR)
February 2013 - July 2013 


D.I. Colorist Freelance
September 2012 - February 2013


D.I. Colorist at "Film Factory" (FR)
2011 - September 2012

D.I. Colorist Freelance
2011 - October 2011


D.I. Colorist at "Graal S.A." (GR)
2007 - December 2010


Graphic Designer, Storyborarder, Illustrator at "Cinegram S.A." (GR)
2003 - 2005


University of Teesside (UK)
BA, Bachelor (Honors) in Computer Animation - 2000 / 2003


London College of Printing / Univesity of Arts London (UK)
Foundation in Graphic Design - 1999 / 2000


Auguste Renoir - Paris (FR)
Brevet de Technicien (BT) en Arts Plastiques; Arts Appliqués - 1996 / 1999

Skills & Expertise:

Color Grading
Hand Drawing / Painting
Visual Effects Compositing


DaVinci Resolve
Assimilate Scracth
Quantel Pablo


Extra Softwares:

After Effects
Final Cut Studio

Maya (Modelling)
Softimage XSI (Modelling)



French / English / Greek

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