Color Grading "The Ballad of a Pierced Heart" from Director Yannis Economides

I am so happy for the first time to be a part of the new movie of Yannis Economides who comes back with "The Ballad of a Pierced Heart".

After a call from Paris by "COLOR" (Digital District) i learned that they wanted me to Color Grade a Movie who happens to be Yannis's new one, i immediately jumped on this opportunity!

By doing the movie i had the pleasure to work again with a DOP which i had the chance to meet back in 2008 - 2009, Dimitris Katsaitis.

As i'm writing this post we are on the 3rd and Final week of Color Grading, the movie is a blast and i hope you will enjoy watching it soon in the theaters!!!

Images at Yannis Economides Facebook Page

You can check more info and updates of the movie posted by Yannis on his Facebook Page here:Γιάννης-Οικονομίδης-Yannis-Economides-1269699799814520/?__xts__[0]=68.ARDwEECjVpFsEblKpTC3NUH00IE16WAlisE-KtDz1dJFskhlGSxjBRFG_naoMSH2FsJQc93BWq18ThM3OMvGE44sqS1q9SAy1tGmXtLTKrn_WdHl1ugv8C38PIDjhuCt7NMggI5DEAzFw6W40BZfa809MyNjmqe-o1wLd5krgyRTSliBdQugZaS6lp9rPths13w7ghvth083hFBM9McczInkJyTjE9bzEsnXGQCuL1-WgtbSQ6WRaegk_1x53xXa1XkhzuyxQxRABlgAErUqfxeDlZnCtjt5LAXRO1FBA3UP8xM_RQuAoL0Q5O2qkzwbdyhrnlnywlH3XlZgogac6d8ZzClb

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